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  11. Word to your mother, DanKan! I like it! And I think the thing that really sets you apart from other shelter blogs is that your projects tend to involve a ton of obsessive, tedious work to achieve the vision. AND you aren’t afraid to do things you’ve never tried before. It’s awesome.How about you start a reality show a la Trading Spaces where you fix up New York rentals, but instead of the real tenant at the reveal saying, “Oh my God!” it’ll be the landlord saying, “What have you done to my apartment? This will take days to correct.”

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  18. Leuk je weer terug te zien, Jezzebel. Ben je nog steeds ziek? Kaballah en banvloeken? Voor een man die niet (meer) begeert? Voor wiens agenda is dat bestemd? Ik wens jou ook al vast: Shana tova! groet, mary ) PS: ook aan ‘de wijzen’ werd het banvloeken verboden ergens in de Torah?Reactie is geredigeerd

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  27. Beautiful pictures, Tricia… The old school reminds me of one we saw when we visited Cataloochie last Oct. Hope Blogger is okay now. The posts appeared –but not the comments. Oh Well…Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy

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  30. PS All folks are invited. Opening the invitation and showing up is the hardest part. Once at a Radical Faery gathering, we wonder what took us so long. It takes time and such courage to massage the scar-tissue away from around each other’s gentle-queer hearts….

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  40. so well. Look for sufficiency in all things, in what we do as well as what we have. Being grammas we are so wise. I like this. I like being an elder of the community. We’ll share our wisdom and most of it will be ignored, but we’ll keep doing it because that is who we are and what we do! Then in 50 years, the young ones will know what we were all about, because they will be us. And life will go on.

  41. I certainly hope this portrays Castro for what he is.. But I have a hard time believing that, after seeing the portrayal of Che by Clooney’s friend, Steve Soderbergh. My uncle was tortured and murdered by Che and Castro. It is so offensive when these spoiled ignorant Hollywood types want to send a message about a subject they know nothing about..

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  44. Thank you for spreading the word of tolerance. I’m so glad you got the response you and Noah deserved from your school. Decency prevailed, but what a time you all went through. Uh. Noah is lucky to have you as a mom.

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  46. Adam Faber, I blog without reference to my elected positions – that is the deal. I also do not have to put up with personal attacks on my faith – you are gone from the blog – go personally attack someone else.

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  51. *LOVE* it!I always wonder (after spending time in a museum looking at the Bierstadts, etc): WHY is this style of landscape painting considered "of the past"? AS IF photography—or photorealism—could ever completely replace it???FWIW: a year ago today, I was IN the Rocky Mountains (Wyoming), in my "camping move" from Michigan to California. Damn, this year has passed fast! [Except for, y'know, when it hasn't :-/]

  52. Hold on there one second missy, are you blaming me??? ME? ME? You blame this addiction on me?Okay I suppose I may have had a hand in it.But I blame you entirely for my clown tendencies 😛

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  70. mom here again… you know, i read a little deeper into this, what, “brlog”?… whatever you call it, and i’ve come to realize that you, son, and all the little boys who think you F-ing RULE (etc) are indeed nothing less than a bunch of bitterly closeted homosexual douchebags (had to look that one up, but it sure fits). which is fine. i still love you anyway. i have to, right? Mom.

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  74. Anyways? just wanted to let you know that I admire your drive in the projects you are documenting. . It is really too bad about your stolen cabin, glad you are persevering! Have you ever considered a windmill? I’ve looked at kits but am very interested on your take on the feasibility of a windmill structure built from lumber?Rock on man!

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  79. Estelle – And thank you too Deborah. Your and Jodie’s thoughts on bateuy really do marry with mine. We live in a society where younger is always better, and we don’t value or recognise the bateuy in a long life well lived. I love the untold stories in their eyes, and the character etched into their faces. Age and experience should be celebrated, not nipped, tucked and frozen.

  80. – I am also pro-pirate. Good call. @Kerri – If we ever go again, we’ll just go with you guys. Sounds like you have it all figured out @Sarabell – That is SO WEIRD! I don’t think anyone even noticed me snapping photos….that would have been a bummer. @San – We did have some good pool time. That’s the best. @Lauren – Just read your post, too funny. Glad you guys had fun and won some $$! @Christine – I wish we could have done Cirque again but it was SO EXPENSIVE.

  81. “We need to rise above our Darwinian heritage.”I don’t know. It may well have been. But what was his context? What was his intent?To some degrees places like this very much (and somewhat successfully) play the role of trying to rise above our Darwinian heritage, but in my opinion, most of the sentiments stated in this thread do precisely the opposite, and in fact reinforce such phenomena.

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  84. thanks for refocusing me with this post…it is easy for me to get caught up in a downward spiral when I confess my sin to God, instead of magnifying His grace, I end up magnifying out of proportion my weaknesses and failures…I need to move the lens over to His forgiveness and zero in on that today!

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